About Us
  • 1. What is Approv™
  • Approv™ is a patent-pending web and mobile app that allows borrowers to compare rates and closing costs, chat with loan agents, set up rate alerts.
  • 2. Mission
  • The mission of Approv™ is to make life easier for people who seek and those who offer home loans, by providing innovative tools to achieve information transparency and to improve service efficiency.
  • 3. Who We Are & What We Do
  • Approv.com founders have a unique combination of backgrounds in web & mobile software engineering, mortgage origination, and technology product development.
    The idea of Approv™ grew out of the frustration and inefficiency our founder witnessed first-hand while working as a mortgage professional, after being a web development veteran for more than 10 years. Prospective borrowers had to, and still do, spend a lot of time trying to obtain the information on rate and closing cost frequently, and to get some of their basic mortgage questions answered quickly. Loan agents want to put their rate and cost information online for potential customers to search directly, so that they can focus on developing marketing campaigns to reach more customers online, and providing solutions, rather than information, to prospective borrowers. Title and escrow officers want a new channel to present their services and fees directly in front of the borrowers. With the latest web and mobile technologies, innovative solutions can be developed to disrupt the industry and increase the efficiency of the mortgage shopping process. Hence the Approv™ was born.